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Oppenheimer, Lessne, Alan Rose, and Magical Documents

"98. Lessne, nor Rose (a Counter Defendant in the Stayed Counter Complaint in the Oppenheimer
case), has yet to turn these alleged new documents into the Court and where since the lawsuit
was based on other documents filed this would seem to materially affect the whole case.

99.   It should be noted that in the days and weeks leading up to this "magical" Discovery by Alan
Rose that the O'Connell and Foglietta team had issued substantial billings for communications
with Alan Rose37 even though O'Connell had filed an Answer claiming Alan Rose's client Ted
Bernstein was Invalid as a Trustee although the Petition had not been heard.

100.   Alan Rose and Brian O'Connell are again tied up as material fact witnesses just a few weeks later when Judge Coates briefly came into the case wherein Alan Rose now "magically" has
"Originals" of the Shirley Trust and related documents that he allegedly scanned onto a CD and
while his Letter indicates he was "Transferring" this CD to me in person at Court he actually
used Brian O'Connell to "pass me" the CD.

101.   Rose claims these are "Originals" or "Duplicate Originals" scanned onto the CD but provides No Chain of Custody of how, when, where or why these come into his possession making him a Material Fact Witness on the Chain of Custody of documents. See, Alan Rose Letter of June 4,

• As noted, here is where "Originals" appear to be signed in Different Color Ink from the
"Original" Originals and where the naked human eve can detect too many identical signatures
identically or virtually identically placed in the some place on the documents and too many
initials placed in the same place.

102.   Yet, on or about August 11, 2015, I physically appeared and went to the 0 'Connell law office
per arrangements with Joielle Foglietta and was directed to some Staff member I will call "Jane
Doe" for now, although other records may disclose her name, whereupon I was supposed to be
able to finally "view" and "inspect" all of Simon's Business Records, Documents, etc that the
O'Connell firm had obtained and am shocked to be placed into a Conference Room with 4
Banker Boxes that were half-full for my father who had been a successful Insurance business
person for Decades with multiple bank accounts, corporations, trust companies and tons of other
personal records.

One of the boxes had allegedly been dropped off by Alan Rose and only had
a few miscellaneous "wall hangings" from his Business Office and the other 3 boxes are
allegedly what the O'Connell firm had taken out of the St. Andrew's home.

103. Yet these were partially filled boxes and the Jane Doe staff member indicated she had retrieved
"everything", "everything" from the St. Andrew's home on or around June 4, 2015 which
contradicts what Joielle Foglietta had claimed in March 2015 about taking custody of the
Business documents and files and further contradicts what Alan Rose "finds" in May of2014,
thus rendering all of these individuals Material Fact Witnesses on Chain of Custody and

Miraculously these documents appear days before Sheriff deputies are contacting
Kratish regarding the prior documents and allegations of fraud in the prior documents.

104.   This item further ties up Judge Colin, the Palm Beach County Sheriffs Office, Gerry LEWIN, SPALLINA and TESCHER as more intertwined in the fraud.

105.   Both Judge Colin and the PBSO are aware that Eliot and his wife Candice have claimed they
never signed a Petition that SPALLINA "Witnessed" in 2010 relating to the Trust which
37, Ciklin/O'Connell Billing Statements SPALLINA apparently deposited with Colin's court in June of201039 and that Colin is alleged to have signed.

106.   The Document provided by ROSE as an "original" however, purports to be a Trust signed Sept.
7, 2006 and allegedly witnessed by one Traci Kratish.

107.   However, in her statement to the PBS0 40 , Traci Kratish, a lawyer and accountant, says she did not begin work with Eliot's father until Sept. 10, 2006 and was not brought in Pre-Stanford
Trust and has no independent recollection of signing this Trust which is further ripe with errors
such as referring to Traci Kratish as a "he" instead of "she", having a different trustee Steven
Greenwald identified later in the document as the "Trustee," no reference to the law firm who
allegedly prepared the Trusts, missing initials on the pages and other obvious errors.

108.   Still further, LEWIN prepares and has Tax documents ( copies, not Originals ) saying the Trust was created on Sept. 1, 2006, not Sept. 7th and further that Stanford was the Trustee from the
beginning and not Traci Kratish as alleged by SPALLINA in the June 2010 Petition claiming
the Trusts went from Kratish to Stanford and then Oppenheimer with this Petition allegedly
signed by Eliot and his wife which they have denied signing or seeing prior to it being produced
in the matters to the the PBSO and COLIN and reported as fraud

109.   Despite the PBSO and PANZER knowing all the fraud admitted to date and SPALLINA who
was not forthcoming in his first interview, PBSO illegally steers this part of the fraud and
criminal investigation away from following up with Spallina and the involved parties and ..."

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Source of Above is Page 41-43 at Link Below, Click for Full Document BELOW

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